Easy Mediterranean Diet Recipes

The Mediterranean diet is full of health benefits and Ohmymag brings you some easy and delicious recipes that you can try at home with your family and friends! Read below to learn more.

Easy Mediterranean Diet Recipes
Easy Mediterranean Diet Recipes

Easy Mediterranean Diet Recipes

1. What it is: The Mediterranean diet actually refers to the traditional food patterns of the Greek islands of Crete and Corfu. It is also often called, for this reason, the Cretan diet. It is based on both rationing and an enormous variety of foods combined with daily physical activity.

Despite a high fat content - mainly brought by olive oil, nuts, and some fish - this diet seems to help prevent cardiovascular diseases and prolong life expectancy. The Mediterranean diet favours whole grains, fruits and vegetables, garlic, onions, spices, herbs, and olive oil. Legumes, nuts, yoghurt, cheese, and a moderate amount of wine are consumed on a daily basis. Fish is advised several times a week. Eggs, poultry, sweet desserts, and red meat are not consumed much under the Cretan diet.

2. Mediterranean diet daily menu: A Cretan diet day can be summed up as follows: at breakfast, a honey-flavoured goat's milk yoghurt, fresh fruit, some shelled walnuts, and whole wheat bread. For lunch, vegetable sticks drizzled with olive oil as a starter, a taboulé of lentils with vegetables, and cooked fruits for dessert.

For dinner, more raw vegetable sticks to stock up on vitamins, grilled sardines, an aubergine gratin with parmesan, wholemeal bread, and a glass of red wine.

3. A Mediterranean diet recipe: To make the recipe for lentil and vegetable taboulé, you will need 250 grams of green lentils, 3 tomatoes, 1 pepper, 1 cucumber, mustard, wine vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper, and parsley.

-Rinse the lentils, then cook in a saucepan of unsalted boiling water for about 25 to 30 minutes. And drain the lentils after cooking and let them cool.

-Wash and cube the tomatoes, pepper, and cucumber. Mix with the lentils and sprinkle with parsley and various herb seasonings of your choice.

-In a bowl, mix mustard, vinegar, and oil evenly. Stir in the lentil sauce, mix well then serve immediately.

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