This Is What A Gynaecologist Really Thinks Of That Ice Cream Scene In Fifty Shades Freed

After the release of the third film in the Fifty Shades saga, these sex scenes are now open for discussion. Among these scenes is one in particular in which Ana and Christian eat ice cream off the most intimate parts of their bodies, which caught the attention of a gynaecologist. And according to her, you shouldn’t recreate this scene at home.

The final instalment of the Fifty Shades saga, Fifty Shades Freed, came out in 2018 and definitely has its share of anecdotes.

Among these scenes, the most difficult to film according to Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, was the scene in which they lick ice cream off each other’s most intimate areas. And although it might seem logical, it’s worth saying nevertheless that you shouldn’t recreate this scene at home!

A strong opinion

An American website called Vulture had the amazing idea to talk to a gynaecologist about this scene. And Laura Streicher proved to be adamant that you should never combine food and your private parts.

Although no study has been conducted on the subject so far, she claims that when you put food inside a vagina, it can throw off your normal flora and lead to an increased risk of getting an infection.

‘It’s sugar and milk, things that do not go in the vagina. […] In general, I’d say don’t put food in someone’s vagina.’

But if you do want to let your imagination run a bit wild, the specialist claims that an unpeeled banana or even a cucumber would cause less problems if, for some reason, you want to put them in your private parts. And if you didn’t already know, the gynaecologist also states that trying to use utensils as pleasure toys isn’t a good idea either.

‘Cutlery is not good in the vagina. Particularly knives and forks would be frowned upon. A spoon is a little different. […] As a sweeping generalisation, I’d say cutlery would be frowned upon in the gynaecologic world.’ There’s no doubt about it…

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