The Possible Connection Between Joker And Real-Life Violence

Joaquin Phoenix left an interview after a reporter inquired if the violence depicted in Joker could propel more acts of white terrorism.

The superhero flick has perpetuated vast opinions from reviewers. Some have labelled Joker as a “masterpiece” while others note that the film asks audiences to sympathise with one of the greatest superhero villains of all time, the Joker.

In the flick, the Joker, a white dude, commits violent crimes, but the movie somehow invites viewers to side with him. This perspective has caused a dilemma for reviewers and viewers alike.

Several people have noted that they fear that lonely white men will watch the movie, feel inspired, and want to emulate the acts of violence performed by the superhero villain.

Todd Phillips, the director, recently tried to clear the air: “Why it might affect you is we tried to paint [that violence] with as realistic brush as possible, so when it comes, it can feel like a punch in the stomach."

But Phoenix seemingly doesn’t understand the possible link between white terrorism and the popular film. What happened when an interviewer asked him to discuss the connection? Take a look at our video for more information.

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