Regina George’s younger sister from Mean Girls looks totally different now

Nicole Crimi played Regina George’s younger sister in the hit flick that arguably changed everyone’s lives in 2004, Mean Girls, and 15 years later, she looks all grown up and totally different!

In 2004, Mean Girlswon the hearts (and laughs) of many. Fast forward 15-years, and we can’t help but slip Mean Girls quotes into content, captions, and our everyday language. If you don’t know anything about the popular chick flick, well, 'you can’t sit with us'.

Over the years, fans have pondered about the current whereabouts of the actresses and actors who starred in the movie, celebrated October 3rd (Mean Girls Day), and begged for a sequel.

However, despite the hoopla that continues to surround the film, most fans have been sleeping on Nicole Crimi, Regina George’s younger sister. Where is she now? What is she up to?

Don’t remember Regina George’s little sis? Well, she was the MTV-watching, scantily clad eight-year-old who seemingly had no parental guidance. But now Nicole Crimi is all grown-up!

What does the now 23-year-old look like now? Hint: she’s jaw-droppingly beautiful! Want to see pictures of Nicole? Tune into our video for updated photos and details on what she’s up to now.

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