Bradley Cooper Will Soon Be Receiving An Award From PETA For A Very Special Reason

If you’ve been following cinema news lately, you have probably heard about Bradley Cooper’s new film which is currently in theatres, A Star is Born. The actor and director is about to receive an award from PETA for this film, and here is the reason why…

Bradley Cooper's newly released film, A Star is Born, features three big stars, Bradley Cooper who was also behind the camera, singer Lady Gaga and... Mr. Cooper's dog!

Dog star

Yes, you read that correctly! In the feature film about the rise of a couple of artists on the music scene, the actor decided to give some screen time to a very special actor, Bradley Cooper's own dog!

Named Charlie, Bradley Cooper chose to use his own pet when shooting the feature film that he also directed, rather than putting another doggie on screen that might have been more formerly trained to be on movie sets. And this choice will soon be recognised by the very famous international association for the protection of animals: PETA.

Bravo Bradley!

The non-governmental organization has indeed decided to create a special prize for this occasion, called the ‘Compassion in Film Award.’ It will very soon be given to Bradley Cooper for having integrated his own dog into the cast.

‘Bradley Cooper's dog, who is happy, adorable and much appreciated, has completely stolen the show, and the hearts of the audience in this film, because it is clear that he enjoyed being with his “real dad”. PETA has witnessed much abuse and mistreatment of dogs, both on and off the set, and we hope [Bradley] Cooper's decision will encourage Hollywood to do more of the same,’ Lisa Lange, vice president of PETA said in a statement.

How about you, are you planing on going to see A Star is Born now in theatres?

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