After All These Years, Twilight Has Just Received Its Highest Honour

Popular website Ranker has decided to give Twilight one of his highest, most prestigious titles ever.

Let’s put it all out there straight away, Twilight is our guilty pleasure that got us through our adolescence, in part because of the relationship between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson that made us all jealous and want to be just as cute as they were together! Although we liked this film when we were young, the saga adapted from the books written by Stephenie Meyer was clearly not liked by everyone who took part in the survey on Ranker.

Twilight, chapter 5: disappointment

The website Ranker conducts surveys on multiple different topics such as sport or culture. This time, they wanted to know what people really thought about the Twilight films and the saga ended up being voted the worst film of all time. However, this vote isn’t completely official since this is just the opinion of internet users. Furthermore, when the fans of the saga saw their favourite film was top of this list, they really weren’t happy and decided to speak out. As a result, they managed to change the results and Twilight went from first to third place, behind Gigli with Jennifer Lopez and Batman and Robin from 1997.

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