You'll Soon Be Able To Get Starbucks Delivered To Your Home

If you like a nice Starbucks coffee but you never take the time to go there, we have good news for you. The world-famous brand is diving into home delivery!

Many people need a good coffee to start their day properly; otherwise they are unable to work. The problem is that we do not necessarily have the equipment or machine to prepare one as we like, or no time to go to the local café before going to the office. But now, that will be in the past.

The perfect solution

The most popular takeaway coffee company brings us a solution served on a silver platter: home delivery! Starbucks will partner with UberEats to offer its customers the opportunity to receive their favorite coffee directly at home or at their workplace.

A bit of patience

This offer will only be available from March or April 2019 and will only cover a portion of the chain's products to begin with. On the other hand, home delivery will only be offered in the United States as a first step. We will therefore have to wait a bit more before seeing this service land in the UK. We cannot wait and we are sure that it will please many people!

Check out the video above for everything we know so far about this exciting new Starbucks news!

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