Subway Will Charge Extra For Toasting Your Sub

Subway Will Charge Extra For Toasting Your Sub

Bad news sandwich fans, Subway are now charging EXTRA if you want to have your sandwich toasted. Watch our video to learn more about their reasoning behind this service. 

Who doesn't love a Subway, right? Tasty, quick, not too expensive... But whether you're a fan of the Spicy Italian, the Veggie Delite or the Big Beef Melt, if you want your sandwich hot you'd better be prepared to pay a little extra from now on. 

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1. The taxes: It's all down to the extra VAT which is applied to takeaway hot food. Until now, Subway absorbed the difference in cost themselves so we didn't have to pay any more for our toasted sarnies. But now the 20% tax will be added to the price of the Sub, meaning a 6-inch that previously cost £3.49 will now set you back £4.18. That's an extra 69p for a couple of minutes in the toasting oven!

2. Subway's remarks: The Coventry Telegraph, who first reported on the change, spoke to a Subway spokesperson who said: 'VAT is applied to most types of food that restaurants serve to eat-in, and also any food that is heated or toasted. We have always charged VAT on our products, in accordance with the law. We have just restructured our menu to show the VAT element separately, to ensure that you get the best deal on your salad or Sub. This additional VAT charge does not go to us as a business but is passed straight on to HMRC'.

3. The testing: The new system is currently only being tested in the West Midlands (bad luck, you guys) but it could be rolled out nationwide if it's successful. Judging by people's reactions on Twitter though, perhaps Subway will reconsider. Subway fans have called the change "INSANITY" and "ridiculous", with some even suggesting they will stop eating at the sandwich chain. Let's hope Subway listen to the people on this one!  

Will Armstrong
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