This Couple Decided To Get Married In McDonald's... And The Photos Are Incredible

Louise and Joseph's guests probably thought they were looking at a bad joke when they first saw their wedding invitations. But what this couple is doing, many may soon imitate.

The two are in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, in 2016 in a McDonald's branch. What Louise and Joseph are joking about is now officially legal, and should soon cause many Britons to follow suit. Namely: it's now officially allowed to get married in fast food outlets.

A wedding is a costly affair

Getting married costs money, a lot of money. From the bride's dress and the shoes, the groom's rings and the outfit, to the cocktail and the wedding party set up in a dreamlike environment. That's a horrendous cost! Many newlyweds say the most beautiful day in their lives was also the most expensive day in their lives. Of course, one doesn't want to get into debt.

In the UK, a wedding costs an average of £30,000. In other countries in Europe, on average, significantly less is spent. This is because the choice of wedding venue in the UK is still subject to strict legal regulation. And that is driving up the costs of weddings there.

New wedding venues... Including fast food restaurants

To enable wedding couples to keep their budget under control and make their marriage more affordable, the UK government is now discussing revising wedding party arrangements and issuing new wedding licenses that will also allow for pubs, hotels, restaurants and fast food restaurants such as McDonald's, KFC and Burger King to celebrate. Good news for all burger fans!

A couple found this shocking message hidden on their McDonald's receipt A couple found this shocking message hidden on their McDonald's receipt