Are You Always Hungry Just An Hour After Eating McDonalds? Here’s Why.

Are You Always Hungry Just An Hour After Eating McDonalds? Here’s Why.

To satisfy hunger what would be better that McDonalds you think to yourself. With generous portions, astronomical quantities of sugar, salt and fat. You think that you’re taking the bull by the horns by leaving the fast food restaurant will a full stomach however, an hour later your stomach is rumbling as if you haven’t eaten anything all morning…

There are on average 20 sugar cubes in a McDonalds menu. Of course, our bodies need sugar for energy, but the carbohydrates can have a boomerang effect on our bodies if it’s consumed in such large quantities in one meal, above all it only supplies our muscles with one hour of energy contrary to 4 hours for other proteins.

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If sugar gives you an instant burst of energy it can’t be the main ingredient of the meal, especially when it is consumed in such large quantities. In this instance, sugar is a true poison to our bodies, it exhausts itself trying to eliminate the excess. To do this our body pumps all of the energy from the muscles even though it only has one hour of energy left, this then sounds the alarm and the stomach asks you for more food again…

McDonalds definitely stays at the top of our list of guilty pleasures but contrary to what we think, it’s not the quantity that satisfies hunger but the opposite! One thing that’s for sure is that the appetite comes with eating…

Emma Jensen
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