Zara’s £11 Dress Pants Are Perfect For Short And Curvy Girls

Your search ends here! We've found a pair of dress pants you won't want to take off. You can get them at Zara and, not only are they a steal, but they're also flattering, stylish, and lengthen your legs like no other.

Zara’s £11 Dress Pants Are Perfect For Short And Curvy Girls
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On our quest for the perfect Christmas outfit - that isn't covered in the usual sequins and glitter -, we were hoping to find a pair of dress pants you can wear to a family Christmas dinner, to work and to more formal events.

And, surprisingly, we found just that at Zara. These mid-rise pants have front pockets and a zipper with a button. They're pleated and cuffed, which gives them a stylish touch that most designs don't have.

If you're already sold on how they look, just wait until you try them on! They fit like a glove, sit perfectly around your waist, don't leave marks on your skin, and their pleated straight cut makes your legs look thinner. Also, we're obsessed with how long their cuffed bottom makes our legs look!

So, of course, we ended up buying a pair. Did we mention how much they cost? Because, not only are they very budget-friendly, but they're also very versatile. Plus, you can pair them with lace-up or sports boots for a more casual look.

Special occasion? They go great with pumps or stilettos. As far as we're concerned, these pants are the best fashion find of the season.

They're currently still available in two colours online - black and beige. Check out the video above for all the details, from how good they feel to how much they cost (you won't believe it!). You better head to Zara's website right now and get yourself a pair, because they're about to sell out!