Zara Is Selling Your Future Favourite Shoulder Bag Of The Season, And For Less Than £16!

If you think that just because the sales are over, we have to now spend lots of money on the latest fashion and styles, you are very much mistaken. You just have to have a knack for rummaging and searching, and we really love doing this. Zara has once again given us a real treat with this shoulder bag, the accessory that we bet will end up being your most used and favourite accessory this season.

We love Zara and there’s no doubt about it, the reductions we’ve seen this sales period have meant our wardrobes are now full to the brim of autumn-winter clothes (and even some that we can save for when the nice weather arrives).

But now that we’re at the end of January and that slice of economic heaven that we all barely made it through is over, it seems like it's all downhill from here. Are we going to find any more bargains before summer arrives?

Of course, we are! The main fashion brands know just how to keep us coming back over the months and, sometimes, they even slash the prices of their most ‘in' styles just like they do during the sales period.

But what is it this time? This time, a bag from Zara, the main company belonging to the Inditex empire, is causing quite a commotion. The best part is how versatile it is as well as its intrinsic design.

This chained shoulder bag with quite a subtle animal print is bothelegant and casual at the same time.It also has a metal eyelet on the front and a studded pendant detail.

And you even have a choice, since the company has released this bag in two colours, black and tan, but it’s up to you to decide which colour you would use the most and which would go best with your outfits.

But wait, there’s more because even the inside is practical as well. It has six slots for your cards and five compartments where you can keep and organise everything you would normally carry in your bag. Of these five, three are lined and two have an animal print.

It closes with a magnetic clasp and, guess what? Zara has slashed the price by 35%, bringing it down from £25.99 to less than £16… just £15.99 to be exact! We love it.

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