Zara Is Selling The Most Beautiful Reversible Jacket Made From Recycled Materials That We’ve Ever Seen

Zara has made sustainable and eco-friendly fashion a key focus in their new collection made of recycled polyester and you are sure to be won over by the various designs and their creativity. If you’re currently looking for the perfect jacket or coat, then this is an opportunity you mustn’t miss out on.

Zara Is Selling The Most Beautiful Reversible Jacket Made From Recycled Materials That We’ve Ever Seen
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Awareness, recycling and sustainability. Three increasingly important things we all need to take into account if we want to fight climate change. And it seems that for one of the biggest low-cost brands on the market, the balance between protecting the environment and being creative are both equally as important.

When we came across this jacket in their new collection, we instantly fell in love with it, but when we saw that it was made of 100% recycled materials, we loved it even more. We applaud Zara’s initiative, but above all their creativity and style.

Thanks to them, we can all now be fashionable and look stylish all the while with a clear conscience. This jacket is ideal and practical because it combines all of this winter’s styles and trends with the added bonus of keeping you cosy and warm during these cooler months. The jacket has a popped collar and big sleeves and zips up at the front with additional pop buttons for show.

But this isn’t the only garment made from recyclable materials that we’ve found; Zara has also released a quilted coat and a couple of rather lovely bags as well. And the truth is that we don’t really know which of the two bags is the best, the chopper-style bag or the backpack.

They are all made from recycled polyester, a fibre made from recycled plastic bottles, which means less water, energy and natural resources were used in the manufacturing process. In truth, we love all the clothes and accessories in this new collection known as UPCYCLED OUTERWEAR.

We’ve already added this jacket to our shopping basket and if you want to be pleasantly surprised by Zara’s newest collection and get your hands on some of their new releases, check out the video above for all the details.