This yellow puffa jacket is the must-have fashion item of 2020

Following in the footsteps of the black-and-white polka dot maxi dress that seemed to be everywhere in 2019, a bright mustard-yellow puffa jacket has emerged as the must-have item of 2020. It’s so popular that café staff were left in hysterics when four different women came in wearing it at the same time.

Remember that black-and-white polka dot Zara dress that seemed to be everywhere last summer? Well, this year, it seems that the item shoppers are going crazy for is a bright mustard-yellow puffa jacket–as Rebecca Birch and her friend Emily Lawrence discovered when they met up for a coffee both wearing it.

But the coincidence didn’t stop there, as yet another lady followed them in to the café wearing exactly the same jacket. Followed by a fourth lady–also wearing the same jacket. Whilst the coats look almost identical, they apparently came from four separate stores: Joules, Benneton, Primark and M&S.

Rebecca told The Sun:

It was one of those moments that was so funny. We were like 'oh my god, we've got the same coat on'. It was such a funny thing to happen. The response was brilliant. We were laughing and talking about how we loved the bright colour. The lady at the back kept saying 'we're a ray of sunshine in difficult times'.

Mustard yellow Zara jacket

There’s also a version of the uber-popular yellow jacket available at Zara, which costs £59.99 and is made of faux-leather. It comes with a detachable hood, a high neck and long sleeves to keep you nice and cosy, as well as front pockets and a metal zip. If you’re not convinced by the yellow, Zara also have similar puffa jackets available in pink, green, black and white for the same price.

Yellow–on-trend for 2020

Yellow seems to be particularly on-trend this year–perhaps because it’s a happy colour and we could all use a little extra sunshine in our lives in 2020. The slightly lighter shade of lemon-yellow could be spotted in collections by top designers like Versace, Marc Jacobs and Fendi this autumn.

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