These 'Ugly' Shoes Are Now Back in Style!
These 'Ugly' Shoes Are Now Back in Style!
These 'Ugly' Shoes Are Now Back in Style!
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These 'Ugly' Shoes Are Now Back in Style!

By James Guttridge

It seems like the fashion police have been doing a bad job! Once again, a very particular style of shoes are making a comeback this summer. Let's take stock on this trend that's causing quite the buzz!

If you thought that this summer you'd be on the cutting edge of fashion wearing your mules, trainers, and strappy sandals, think again. These are not the shoes that will have a starring role this season!

Clogs: stars of the summer season

You read that right: clogs are making a big comeback for summer 2020! Are you familiar with these shoes that make you look more like a farmer than a fashionista? If you're still not sure what these shoes look like, it's very simple: the clog is first and foremost a piece of hollowed-out wood into which you slide your foot.

Over the years, they have become more modern. Touches of leather have been added, as well as buckles and straps, and sometimes even faux fur. In short, you will not go unnoticed wearing these shoes! Initially, clogs were worn by labourers, miners, and farmers, but they have now become more of a fashion statement.

How should they be worn?

If you're still wondering how to wear them, and want to stand out from the crowd by taking advantage of this trend, follow our advice! If you want to look trendy, combine these clogs with turned-up boyfriend jeans, a long dress, or a flowing skirt with an oversized blouse.

In 2020, brands such as Gucci, Chanel, Tom Ford, Dior, and Prada have all designed clogs for their summer collections. Now all the fashionistas in the world are going crazy for them. This is proof that these shoes previously considered to be 'ugly' have a bright future!

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