These Leggings From Zara Are All The Rage This Fall!

Leggings are the ideal item of clothing to wear when relaxing at home. And recently, this very fashionable company Zara has recently created a very affordable pair for women.

Back in the day, tights and stockings were only really for men and were worn for the first time in medieval times in Scotland. However, the leggings that we’ve all come to know and love were designed by fashion designer André Courrèges in the 60s, and the United States were the first to realise just how comfortable they are.

At first, they had a rather specific function as sportswear and only as something to wear around the house, but since then, they have become an essential item that people wear in even for a night out at the club.

A fashion brand that truly understands the latest styles and trends is the famous clothing company, Zara. This Spanish brand is always at the head of the latest Hollywood fashion trends and is always gifting us with the latest trends at more affordable prices.

In stores, they sell lots of different types of versatile leggings for every season. These leggings, in particular, have slits in the sides, colourful buttons and even polished zips, and the best part is that they go really well with all types of shoes.

These leggings particularly look amazing with a blazer in the same shade, a basic shirt and heels to finish off the ensemble. But you could also wear them under a skirt like a leotard like they are worn in the Zara catalogue. Don’t believe us? Check out the video above for yourself!

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