These Handbags Will Be All the Rage This Spring
These Handbags Will Be All the Rage This Spring
These Handbags Will Be All the Rage This Spring
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These Handbags Will Be All the Rage This Spring

By James Guttridge

These handbags are going to be seen everywhere in 2021!

A new season means new trends. Previewed on the fashion week catwalks, then very quickly taken by the ‘it-girls,’ handbags are arriving in new shapes, colours, and materials this spring. So, which models should you go for? Allow us to fill you in!

The pouch bag, a hybrid model that everyone loves

With its round shape, this handbag is perfect for any situation. With no handles or other embellishments, this oversized pouch is usually plain coloured and depending on the model, only the material or size changes. Staying in the minimalist trend, we prefer dark colours like black, brown, or burgundy which can match any look. Propelled to the forefront by the Italian Bottega Veneta brand, the pouch handbag can be found in any of our favourite fashion shops and online, such as at Zara, Mango, or Asos, who are selling them at more affordable prices.

Practical bags are timeless

The controversial waist bag is still going strong and now has a minimalist version. A true revival of the 90s, the belt bag has never been so trendy. With this model, everything you need is accessible. In addition to being useful, a waist bag adds a fashionable touch to any outfit. It can be worn over the shoulder as a shoulder bag, as a high-waisted belt bag to emphasise one’s figure, or over a trench coat, a blazer, or a bohemian dress... Your options are endless when it comes to the waist bag!

In the same vein, we're in love with shoulder bags. Since this winter 'comfy' was the way to go, it is the ‘it’ bag right now. In the satchel bag format or in geometric shapes (new this season), it is the ally of working girls and fashionistas everywhere. It can be a glamorous little detail to add a touch of elegance to a look composed of a simple pair of jeans with a knitted jumper and a long coat.

Another alternative? The backpack. Whether it's black, camel, pink, or blue, it is no longer found only in the schoolyard, but on the backs of all fashionable girls.

Tweed bags, a must-have this season

Put forward by Chanel, tweed bags are back in our wardrobes this spring. Unlike skirts, jackets, and blouses, the tweed bag is easy to wear and goes with any look. It comes in different colours and shapes, and this material is the ideal option for those who want to gradually try out a new trend without taking any risks. For those who like the total look, you can easily combine it with trousers, a jacket, or a complete tweed outfit.

Another fashionable material? Crochet. Ideal for handbags and shopping bags, it gives your look a bohemian touch, ideal for spring.

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