The Worst Fashion Inventions That Should Not Exist

• Emma Jensen
This orange trouser will give you an eye sore! The poofy shape was made to conceal skinny chicken legs. Goal achieved but now you'll have to worry about having large thighs.
This shark jaw jeans will make you wonder who would ever wear it. Maybe it was made for a Halloween costume, who knows?
Calvin Klein invented this top that was made to look like it only had sleeves.!
We suppose that these leggings are made to show off your strong muscular legs? Any takers?

Fashion trends change year after year, some trends are revolutionary whilst others...not so much! Take a look at our photo gallery for the worst fashion inventions that should not exist then tell us what you think of them!

As Garielle Chanel said, 'Fashion goes out of fashion, style never'. With that, sometimes fashion can get a little out of hand especially in today's world. Some sylists create the strangest looking clothes, shoes, and accessories. And it makes you really wonder, what was on their mind when they designed that?!