Thanks to lockdown, women have been ditching their bras!

According to a survey done in France, the lockdowns may have fuelled a huge trend in ditching bras as women opt for more comfort in the home.

Léa Ramsamy, a 22-year-old French student is following the trend amongst a growing number of women by ditching their bras.In an interview with France 24 she said: 'This is the last bra I have left, I haven't worn it for at least three months, I think. Two or three months anyway, and I didn't wear it all summer.'

Women are ditching their bras

According to the survey that was done by IFOP in France,lockdowns have resulted in an increased number of women deciding to banish brasseries from their wardrobe. Before the pandemic, surveys found that only 3 per cent of women in France never or rarely wore bras on a regular basis, but that amount has risen to 7 per cent and seems to be holding steady even with lockdown being over. Jean-Phillipe Dubrelle, the director of studies at IFOP stated:

So what we measured at the end of the lockdown is that this very particular period of isolation at home had indeed been the occasion of a real boom in the practice of No Bra, among all French women.

According to the polls, most women gave up bras for comfort however others included that it was a way to express their liberties as well as feminism.

Putting comfort first

After months of 'freeing the boob,' it feels weird to put your bra back on. You may even be wondering if they were always this uncomfortable... The answer is probably yes. Now, according to a recent worldwide survey, women are much more likely to seek comfort when shopping for their bras. According to research brand Mintel, 80% of shoppers now put comfort first when it comes to buying undergarments.

Results showed that over the last year, wireless bras and sports bras have become the most popular, much more so than the underwire bra, whose sales have fallen by a whole 37%. eBay has also noticed the move in bra trends, a spokesperson for the site told Tyla last year:

The bralette, crop top and vest each saw searches spike 167 per cent, 149 per cent and 163 per cent respectively in lockdown.

For some, bras may be the more comfortable option and many even choose to sleep in them. However, for the rest of us, underwire cages are now a thing of the past. One person revealed to Twitter:

As we gradually approach the one year anniversary since lockdown, I’ve finally made an important executive decision for myself: no more bras. None. We’re done with them. Society is falling apart and so is my patience for having my ribs squeezed for 10hrs a day. Goodbye!

Another person chimed in:

Idk but these lockdowns have got me never wanting to wear a bra again, they feel so uncomfortable every time I put one on now !!
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