Nike Introduce the Injure-Free React Infinity Run
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Nike Introduce the Injure-Free React Infinity Run

Nike Introduce the Injure-Free React Infinity Run

Combining performance and injury prevention is the challenge Nike wants to take on with its brand new trainer: the Nike React Infinity Run.

‘Are injuries really avoidable?'

This is the central question that Nike asked themselves, the answer soon being delivered to you on a silver platter. Indeed, the ‘swoosh’ brand has taken on the challenge of creating a trainer that can reduce the injury potential of runners, which we admit is relatively high.

Indeed, the shocks suffered by runners, whether during training or competitions, are not negligible. Impacts that often do not forgive in the long term.

In this case, is it possible to combine performance and safety? That's where the new Nike React Infinity Run comes in, which will try to improve your lap times by limiting the possibility of injury.

According to an external study, the Nike React Infinity Run reduces injury by up to 52% compared to similar running shoes.

To do this, this pair has a wider sole, with Nike React foam, which absorbs impacts while providing a ‘soft’ running feel. This new pair is meant for everyone, but not necessarily for all uses. It is best used over medium distances, with moderately intense training. So this may not be the pair for beginners, but if you’re training for a marathon this is the pair for you.

You will be able to get this little beauty starting January 16th!

By James Guttridge

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