Bohemian Style Wedding Dresses

  • Bohemian wedding dress: Claire Petitbone
  • Bohemian wedding dress: Claire Petitbone
  • Bohemian wedding dress: Marie Laporte
  • Bohemian wedding dress: O'Scarlett
  • Bohemian wedding dress: Andralys

Bohemian style wedding dresses are very trendy this year. Discover our selection of 20 of the most beautiful bohemian bridal dresses.

Bohemian-Style Wedding Dresses

1. Simple and elegant: Brides wishing to wear a bohemian style dress should look for simplicity and elegance above all else. Bohemian dresses are fitted and romantic. They are generally long, straight, and are similar in style to the dresses of the 1930s. They are often soft and are made of chiffon, crepe, and Calais lace. Bohemian dresses are becoming more and more popular because they are light and fit well with spring.

2. Flowers as trendy accessories: Bohemian-style wedding dresses don't require many accessories, however, flowers are essential. A bouquet of flowers is traditional and goes very well with the bohemian wedding dress. The bouquet should be in pastel shades and adding leaves will give a more natural effect to the bouquet. A flower crown has come into fashion in recent years. These crowns bring a romantic touch to the dress. You can make your own crown and choose the flowers yourself. Small discreet flowers and colourful flowers will both work very well.

3. The bridal veil: The bridal veil is very traditional in weddings. It is possible to wear one with a bohemian wedding dress but there are some rules you should respect to avoid overloading the dress. The bridal veil should not be too long and must be simple. The most suitable veil is one that is embroidered on the edges. With this kind of veil, you can easily add a flower crown without overloading the dress.

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