How to Dress if You Have Belly Fat

Do you have a little belly and want to hide it? Here are a few tips on what to wear to do just that.

First of all, remember that everybody is different and that having belly fat isn't necessarily a bad thing.

When you have a tummy, it's not always easy to find clothes that are flattering and fit right. While some women prefer to hide their belly, others want to flaunt it and are not ashamed to show it, and we applaud them for that! But what clothes should you wear if you want to hide yours? Here are some tips.

What should you wear if you have a belly?

  • Looser cuts are the way to go

Looser clothes are more flattering. How come? They'll put your chest, shoulders, and arms forward instead of your belly. Avoid wearing bodycon dresses and shirts, which are less flattering on you.

  • We're obsessed with draped pieces

If there's one particular cut that looks good on you even when you have a little tummy, it's draped or asymmetrical dresses or tops. You'll look amazing in one of those!

  • Wear an open jacket

If you want to do a little more, you can add a long or short jacket to any outfit, but don't zip it up. It'll give you a modern look while not bringing attention to your rounded belly.

  • Choose the right jeans

If you don't already know what kind of jeans you should wear to hide your belly, we advise you to try out high-waisted jeans. These jeans have a very flattering, lengthening effect.

  • Highlight your shoulders

If you want to hide your tummy, draw attention elsewhere. For example, you can put your arms or shoulders forward by wearing flowy camisole tops or vertical-striped tank tops.

  • Underwear

Finally, if you want to hide your tummy, try to wear high-waisted underwear. Not only is it more flattering, but it is also ultra-modern.

Clothes you should avoid

If you have a belly, we advise you to avoid certain types of clothes. For example, you can forget crop tops, cropped pants, low-waisted dresses, and cinched waist jumpsuits. These styles make your belly look even bigger.

We also suggest you avoid wearing oversized clothing. Sometimes, you think if your clothes are extra loose, they'll hide your curves, but that's not the best move. It'll make you look larger if anything. Go for flowy materials and straight or high-waisted cuts instead.


If you have a belly, these are made for you: pencil skirts and tube dresses. They're suitable for all body types. Another must-have: high-waisted jeans with a slightly flared cut.

Of course, you're free to do what you wish with these tips. All women are beautiful, regardless of whether they have a belly or not.

These Fashion Tips Will Help You Look More Stylish In Just Seconds! These Fashion Tips Will Help You Look More Stylish In Just Seconds!