Here's How To Choose Your Next Look According To Your Star Sign

Fancy changing up your look and making sure all eyes are on you the next time you step out? Depending on your astrological sign, here are some fashion ideas...

Aries: a dynamic look! Impulsive, passionate... A sporty style and/or red to give pep to your outfit!

Taurus: an elegant look! Opt for a beautiful neckline to extend the summer.

Gemini: a multifunction look! Curious by nature, your day is punctuated with various activities, so jeans and a nice t-shirt will do just about anywhere!

Cancer: a cosy look! Bring out your natural sweetness with a little powder pink top and a bohemian skirt!

Leo: a look that says you're in control! Cool leather or an impeccable tuxedo - you decide!

Virgin: a pared back and chic look! Straight cuts for a classy side or arched to highlight your assets... You have a choice!

Libra: a trendy look! Wear a must-have at the beginning of the season: a jumpsuit or a print mix you can have fun with!

Scorpio: a sexy look! Without going too far, pay tribute to your legendary sensuality with a tight-fitting top or short skirt... It's up to you!

Sagittarius: an all-terrain look! Emphasize your personality of adventure with khaki loose trousers and a floral top.

Capricorn: a simple look! Navy blue, black, beige... Any neutral colour suits you!

Aquarius: a unique look! You start fashions, you don't follow them, so you can dare to wear anything.

Pisces: a comfortable look! Focus on shoes - feet are important to you!

Check out the video above for more fashion inspo... 

Sophie West
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