H&M Is Selling A Cheaper Version Of The Plaid Coat That Sara Carbonero Wore

We’ve found this season’s most stylish coat that even some celebrities are wearing. This coat with a boy-style cut and a checked pattern is also on sale. Perfect if you’re on a budget!

H&M Is Selling A Cheaper Version Of The Plaid Coat That Sara Carbonero Wore
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Now is the perfect time to find the perfect coat for this autumn and winter. And since the temperature is dropping, we’ve been screaming for a basic, yet stylish coat that you can wear every day. There’s no doubt about the fact that the best item of clothing to invest in is a coat since it is a basic necessity that you will wear a lot and so is worth investing in.

So, we’ve been surfing Instagram, the best social media site to get inspiration from and be as up to date as we can be with the current styles. And that’s when we found this season’s stylish coat that has a plaid pattern and a boyish cut.

After seeing lots of different versions of this coat, we fell in love with the one that was worn by journalist and influencer Sara Carbonero. Sara always looks amazing and posted this photo on her Instagram account in which you can see her looking perfect in this style of coat, and we immediately got to work.

We’ve managed to find an identical copy of this coat which also works with your budget. Our version is from H&M and it comes in an XXL size with a boyish cut and plaid design. It has two rows of buttons that cross over the front and it also includes a belt that makes your figure look great and slims down your waist.

This coat is perfect and would look amazing with all your outfits. You could wear it day to day and even for those more special occasions. It goes perfect with a pair of jeans and a thick jumper, giving it a more casual look. But you could also wear it with a pair of stylish military boots or even over a dress.

This is undoubtedly the perfect item that you definitely need in your life. And the best part is the price, since it is currently on sale in H&M, making it even more irresistible and easier to get your hands on. So, don’t miss out on this season’s very stylish coat! Check out the video above to find out more, including the price. You won’t be able to resist!