Gucci Comes Out With 7 Part Mini Series Featuring Harry Styles
Gucci Comes Out With 7 Part Mini Series Featuring Harry Styles
Gucci Comes Out With 7 Part Mini Series Featuring Harry Styles
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Gucci comes out with 7 part mini-series featuring Harry Styles

By Alex Schrute

Catwalks will soon become a thing of the past for the Italian luxury house. Gucci will be turning to film to show its new collection and its list of celebrity clients are helping out!

In part due to the recent European second wave of lockdowns, Gucci has found a new and clever way to present its collections. As of this past Monday, the fashion giant will be releasing a new episode of its first ever mini film series on Youtube until November 22. Set in Italy, Ouverture of Something That Never Ended follows the eccentric life of Silvia played by Italian actress Silvia Calderoni showcasing the brand's women's, men's and gender neutral collections.

New ways of adapting

The decision of scaling back to only two staged runway shows per year came this past May when creative director currently at the helm, Alessandro Michele, described catwalk presentations as 'worn-out rituals' that ultimately restrains fashion from truly being free and not 'imprisoned in shops anymore.' With Corona looming over the fashion industry, it would only make sense that designers adapt to social distancing measures while keeping it creative and interactive.

The mini-series' director, Gus Van Sant, also shares Michele's view to expand fashion into other artistic mediums:

I liked the idea of expressing a season in episodic form as it really has the potential for development and for growing, and for telling a story around a collection.

Who can we expect to see?

The series will feature cameo appearances by Harry Styles, Florence Welch, Billie Eilish and Arlo Parks. And in addition to celebrities, Gucci will produce 15 other fashion films highlighting the works of young and up and coming designers including Collina Strada, Priya Ahluwalia, Bianca Saunders and Mowalola - who is currently putting together a range for Gap and Kanye West.

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