Everyone is wearing these Zara cardigans this Season

This season's star garment isn't a pair of boots, a dress, or a coat. Last spring, we were all about shirts with shoulder pads, but this fall/winter, cardigans are taking over, and we're here for it!

Who better than the best-dressed influencers out there to show us how it's done? That's why we scrolled through their Instagram accounts and did a little research to find out where they got their favourite cardigans.

Zara never disappoints

We can't say we were surprised to see that they got them at Zara–they never disappoint! Not that we needed a reminder, but Zara's latest designs reminded us once more why it's one of our favourite stores.

The Spanish brand recently launched an entire collection of cardigans, and it's inspiring. On top of being catered to all body typesand being great to have in the event of a fashion emergency, these cardigans will take our outfits to a whole other level.

The comfiest, most versatile trend

Influencers couldn't resist hopping onto what we're calling the comfiest, most versatile trends of the season. You can pair them with jeans and a T-shirt, a midi skirt and top, a dress... pretty much anything!

The key here is to wear them like a sweater or as part of a set, with a matching top. You could even pair them with these great Zara boots. fact, to save you the trouble of browsing through all of them, we've selected the cutest cardigans from the new collection for you! You can check them out in the video above.

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