Don't Miss Out On This Puffer Coat Sale By Everlane

Don't Miss Out On This Puffer Coat Sale By Everlane

Winter winds call for stylish (but warm) boots, mittens, wool hats, and of course, the puffer coat. And now you can get the coat for super cheap with Everlane’s latest sale—you’ll want to act fast before they all go!

The puffer coat: people want it who don’t have it, and people who have it, can’t get enough of it. And now you can snuggle your body into your very own puffer coat! How? By taking advantage of Everlane’s sale.

What makes Everlane’s puffer coat so great? Well, it’s totally eco-friendly. InStyle notes that the to-die-for coat is “made of 100 per cent recycled polyester and renewed plastic bottles (32 for each coat, to be exact).”

Another benefit? It’s waterproof, making it perfect for countries that get doused in either snow or rain during the winter months. How does it keep you warm?

Inside, there’s insulation (it’s recycled, thank you very much) that will keep you cosy when the clouds take over the sky. Plus, there’s a drawstring inside that hugs your waist!

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What colour does the on-sale coat come in? What’s the discounted price? Take a look at our video! Warning: it will only convince you to buy the puffer coat!

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