Do you have wide hips? Here’s how to highlight them!

Do you have a complex about your wide hips? Here are our tips on how to take on this complex, and above all, make the most of your hips!

Whether you have wide hips, long legs, small buttocks, or a large chest, every woman has a complex that is sometimes difficult to take on. However, all women and all body types are stunning and it would be a shame not to highlight them. Here are our tips which will help you to take charge of your beautiful hips.

How to dress when you have wide hips?

If you have wide hips, you are quite lucky! Yes, having wide hips can be synonymous with femininity and shouldn't be a complex. However, it is sometimes difficult to find the right outfit to enhance them. So here are some tips:

  • Wear flared dresses tight at the waist, or ones with a trapeze cut
  • Use accessories, such as a belt with your dresses, jackets, or coats
  • Placing a belt around your waist will enhance your hips while slimming your waist
  • Go for a pleated look. Whether it's a top, a shirt, or a dress, this kind of cut is a sure thing and will highlight your figure

Which trousers to wear with wide hips?

Never sure which trousers to wear? Don't panic! Go for low-waisted cuts that will highlight your hips. You can also go for mom or boyfriend jeans, or if you really want to show off your hips, you can wear skinny jeans. As for skirts, choose ones with a straight cut. Skater skirts tightened at the waist will also make you look your best.

What kind of dress to wear with wide hips?

In order to highlight your hips, wear flared dresses. You can also wear long flared dresses or ones with a straight cut.

What to avoid with wide hips:

However, there are some fashion faux pas to avoid if you don't want to widen your hips further.

  • Avoid dress trousers. In general, dress trousers can make your hips look wider, so if you want to make them look good, it would be best to avoid these kinds of trousers.
  • Avoid frills and ruffles: these superfluous details can accentuate your hips, especially if they are placed at waist level.
  • Avoid material that emphasises the hips, such as lycra, or textiles that are too elastic. Forget oversized outfits too; if you think that hiding your hips will make you look good, think again, this will have the opposite effect!
  • Avoid overly conspicuous prints on the lower body. If you want to highlight your hips, wear prints on the top of the body rather than at the bottom. Too much detail can make your figure look heavier, and also widen it.

Finally, remember that all women are different and the most important thing is to feel good about yourself and your clothes. So forget your complexes and prejudices becauseall bodies are beautiful!

#OurStories: body positive influencer Georgina Grogan Talks Plus-Size Fashion, activism & finding inspiration #OurStories: body positive influencer Georgina Grogan Talks Plus-Size Fashion, activism & finding inspiration