Adidas: You Don't Want To Miss These ASOS Discounts And Deals!
Adidas: You Don't Want To Miss These ASOS Discounts And Deals!

Adidas: You Don't Want To Miss These ASOS Discounts And Deals!

ASOS is shining the spotlight on Adidas: a great deal of men's and women's clothing and shoes are currently on sale on the platform. And if you are a student, you get an extra discount.

It's time to stock up on ASOS sportswear, and not just any brand: the Adidas collection is currently the object of a promotional campaign. Hundreds of items from the German sports brand, which has distinguished itself for decades by sponsoring sportsmen throughout the ages, are currently being sold at a discount on ASOS.

Adidas' Stan Smith sneakers are on sale on Asos - £ 55 instead of £ 86 - Asos

The specialized online store is currently riding the streetwear trend like never before: they're offering tracksuits, leggings, three-stripe sneakers, and Adidas bras, all the accessories you need to work out. But a great deal of the brand's clothing and footwear is urban and casual, perfect for everyday life, without compromising on comfort... or breaking the bank! So, it's time to treat yourself and check out ASOS's Adidas catalog, which has more than 1300 items, most of which are on sale at the moment.

If you're a student, don't forget that you're entitled to an extra 10% off your orders, all year long. To use this discount, go to the program page with your student email address, or a copy of your student ID if you don't have a school email address yet. In just a few minutes, you'll have an ASOS code you can use every time you shop on the website, and you'll get extra savings!

Adidas: the best of ASOS's current deals

Adidas Originals POD Sneakers for £ 55 instead of £ 86

Stan Smith Adidas Originals Sneakers for £ 55 instead of £ 86

Adidas Originals x Fiorucci Sweatpants for 49 instead of £ 89

Adidas Originals Denim Jacket with Clover Pattern for £ 59 instead of £ 107

Adidas Originals RYV Trackpants for £ 35.50 instead of £ 51

See all Adidas Women's items on ASOS

By Nancy Youm

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