25 Gorgeous Ways To Rock Green Eye Makeup

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Love green but never been confident enough to try it out on your face? Stop stalling and check out our tips for finding the perfect way to incorporate this season's trendiest colour into your eye makeup.

Bored of simple black eyeliner and mascara? Good news! We've found a way for you to be original and adventurous with your eye makeup without looking like it’s Halloween.

The idea? Green on the eyelids. Whether it's done with a smokey-eye, mascara or eyeliner, this emerald colour can really make your eyes pop whatever colour they are. Thanks to the colour contrast, hazel and blue eyes will stand out more. As for green eyes, they will really shine thanks to the reflections of the tone.

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Afraid to be bold with this colour? Start gradually by mixing the green with a frosted or golden brown. The ideal is to choose palettes where there are several colours. Then gradually, add more colour and you can opt for a solid monochrome or smoky-eye gradient with an iridescent grey or a matte black. To inspire you, we have concocted a small selection of ideas. Check them out below!

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