This is how you would die on each planet in the solar system

If you were ever curious about life and death on other planets then your wait is over. Find how a human would die on other planets in our solar system.

Horrifying ways a human would die on other planets
Horrifying ways a human would die on other planets

Space is truly a fascinating aspect of nature. We have several fiction movies depicting or talking about life on other planets. Of course, it’s supported by many theories, some of which are discouraging while others are the opposite. But have you wondered how dying feels like on other planets? What happens to our bodies? Is it painful or peaceful?

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Worry not, below we elaborate on the experience of death on different planets.


The closest planet to the sun and also the first one in our solar system might not be a good place to settle down. Due to its close proximity to the sun, it's obvious that the planet will have blazingly hot temperatures. Aside from that, the side that’s away from the sun is terrifyingly cold. Either way, if you do get stuck on that planet without any escape it would not be a happy ending.

As informed by professor Jennifer Glass to Newsweek, the main cause of death would be asphyxiation. She added:

If you died on the hot side, you would be burned to death in seconds, while asphyxiating and having all the water vaporize from your body.


The second planet in the solar system, Venus is eerily similar to earth. The planet has heavy atmospheric pressure due to its temperature that reaches up to 463-degree celsius. This creates a greenhouse effect which is most definitely deadly for any poor soul who gets stuck there without any means to escape. Jennifer Glass said:

While struggling to breathe, you would burn from extreme heat and acid in seconds… At least it would be a fast death, but it would be a horrible one.


One of the most controversial planets among humans, Mars has lots of theories surrounding it. Although there might be a chance to survive, not for long, especially when the temperature on the planet soars to -142 degree celsius at the pole. Moreover, the red planet might be the worst planet to die on. The atmosphere of the planet is almost entirely made out of carbon dioxide and humans need oxygen to survive.

Hence, without oxygen, anyone would be killed in an excruciating manner. Jennifer glass shared:

If carbon dioxide builds up in our blood as a person asphyxiates, they experience the stressful sensation of breathlessness before losing consciousness and then dying of asphyxia

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune

All these planets from the lower end of the solar system have a similar scenario. The four planets are stacked together because the result of dying on any of them would be the same. Moreover, they consist entirely of gasses and have no land mass, also called a true surface, so landing inside one of them would result in instant death so fast that you wouldn’t even feel any pain.

For instance, according to experts, the core of Jupiter is approximately over 8300-degree celsius, and since it has no surface you would most likely be introduced to the core and the atmospheric pressure will kill you instantly. Jennifer Glass elaborated:

There is no solid ground on the gas giants so you would simply fall through them until you were crushed under their intense pressure

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