Ulrika Jonsson thinks Gemma Owen only made it on Love Island thanks to famous father

Ulrika Jonsson reveals feeling uncomfortable watching 19-year-old Gemma Owen on Love Island and believes she only made on to the show thanks to famous father.

The 54-year-old presenter shared her concerns in an opinion piece saying she is 'utterly resistant' about having someone that young on Love Island.

'I do feel sad for her'

Even more telling of her disapproval is the fact that the former weather presenter blatantly said that the dressage rider only made it on the show thanks to her famous footballer father. She wrote:

This girl is there purely due to the blood, sweat and tears her father shed on the pitch. She has earned herself membership of the Love Island club by proxy.

Before going in even deeper and saying:

Of course, she’s got everything it takes - the new teeth, long hair, pretty face and cracking body (sorry, Michael, but I won’t be the only one who is thinking it. I have no way of knowing whether she would be on the show if her dad had not been a renowned footballer–but we can all make an educated guess. To that end, I do feel sad for her.

Raising the age limit to 21

The mother-of-four also acknowledged the possibility of one day having her daughters on the show as they are both of similar age as Gemma Owen. However, she explained that her youngest daughter, Martha, 18:

Wouldn't do the show because she fears it would limit her options in future. [She] worries it would mar her chances of a decent career.

Ultimately, the columnist ended her opinion piece by holding ITV and Love Island accountable for even allowing someone so young as Owen to participate in the show. She said she believes the age should be increased to at least 21.

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