This new bombshell left his football club to be on Love Island

Jamie Allen, the latest bombshell of the villa, left Halifax Town's preseason training shortly after agreeing to a new deal.

Love Island recently introduced four new bombshells in the show and one of them is a Halifax ace, Jamie Allen. The 27-year-old footballer recently signed a deal with Halifax Town only to leave the football club to go to Love Island.

Love is also a game

Mirror reports that Jamie’s decision to be a part of the ITV2 dating reality TV show came weeks after he signed the deal with Halifax Town. The clubs usually go through pre-season preparation disruptions when players switch teams but Jamie’s decision to head to Mallorca to be a part of the show has left Halifax Town in a fix.

The club hasn’t confirmed if they would take Jamie back on his return, however, they posted on social media:

Jamie Allen has decided to join the cast of Love Island 2022, making his intentions clear that the opportunity is very important to him. The matter will be reviewed on his return.

Naturally, his fans and club members have been left irritated with his decision to leave abruptly and go on Love Island.

Trolled for it

As Jamie decided to leave the team to find love on the show, a football manager was particularly the one not impressed by his decision. Daily Star confirms that a video game footballer manager mocked the footballer on his Twitter account after he made an appearance on the show.

He tweeted a conversation of Jamie with the manager in their own game and word-playing on the word ‘chat’ he made a meme out of Jamie. Islanders are often seen using the term ‘chat’ when they are talking to someone and as such the post received a lot of traction. In the picture Jamie is seen saying to the manager:

Hey boss, can I pull you for a chat?

And when the manager asked what was it about, Jamie replied:

I’m just letting you know I’m joining the cast of Love Island. This opportunity is very important to me.

The football Manager didn't skimp on its rendition of the scenario either, modifying a tab to say ‘Personality: 10/10’ and tweaking the sidebar to read ‘Relationship: Ready to graft.

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