This Love Islander is slammed for being toxic over his comments about Casa Amor bombshell

Love Island fans have been fed up with Casa Amor as the boys of the villa seem to take things a bit too far this season.

Casa Amor has been ruthless ever since the start. However, the way it has been bringing out the boys of the villa and their real side is getting too much for the fans. Recently, they branded Jacques O'Neill ‘toxic’ after he made a comment on one of the girls from Casa Amor.

Red flags

This comes after Jacques was sitting with Dami and discussing how he didn’t like Mollie Salmon's height. The Sun reports that the 23-year-old hunk commented on how tall she looks when she’s wearing heels and that makes him uncomfortable to talk to her. The rugby player said:

F***ing hell, she just looks too tall tonight. I can't even chat to her. She's got 8ft heels on, mate.

Fans didn’t appreciate Jacques’s behaviour especially after he has been ‘cracking on’ girls behind Paige’s back. The very unimpressed viewers took to Twitter and said:

She looks too tall? Jacques is a walking red flag.
She’s too tall I can’t speak to her??? Everything about jacques SCREAMS insecure.
Every time Jacques opens his mouth, it gets worse and worse. He’s so incredibly toxic.

He was earlier slammed for his treatment of the opposite sex when he indirectly told Cheyanne Kerr during a chat that she’s an experiment for him to test his real feelings for Paige.

Casa Amor must end

The house of love brings in a lot of memorable moments for the show, including break-ups, fights and reassurance for some connections. However, this season’s Casa Amor has been a bit too overwhelming for the viewers, according to The Sun. Sick of the boys’ behaviour on the show, many of them pleaded with the producers to end it. They wrote on Twitter:

Casa Amor can end now, it’s no longer fun…it’s just emotionally draining.
Can this Casa Amor end already? The boys are doing too much.

While a third added:

I need casa amor to end. Its making my nerves bad.

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