These islanders may get dumped tonight from the villa

Last night’s Love Island episode started on the sweet note of recoupling and ended on a cliff-hanger with six Islanders in danger of being evicted. Here’s who can leave the villa tonight.

Love Island viewers saw a recoupling last night that gave the power to the boys to pick their girls. As the Islanders rejoiced in some old and some new connections - the eviction bomb was dropped on them and the episode on a cliff-hanger.

Goodbye, villa

The Sun reports that just as the Islanders were settling in the day, the dumping news was dumped on them. The public had been voting to save their favourite Islander and that had led to putting six people in danger of being evicted. On the boys’ side – Andrew, Deji and Josh, while on the girls’ side – Coco, Summer and Tasha.

This came as a shock to Tasha and Andrew as they became the first official couple of the season last night.

However, fans have speculated who is going to get dumped tonight, as some of them expressed on Twitter:

I can't lie, you know. Deji and Coco are packing their bags tonight.
Not even gonna vote. It's not exactly a surprise that Deji and Coco will be going.

Another concluded:

Deji and Coco are simply just furniture in the villa at the moment. Adios!

Hence, it won’t be a surprise if Deji and Coco were to leave the villa tonight.

Casa Amor couple

Deji and Coco entered the villa as bombshells during the Casa Amor stage of the show. Deji grew close to Indiyah while Coco caused drama after setting her eyes on Andrew Le Page. After a few steamy days during Casa Amor together, the two got invited into the villa as Indiyah and Andrew both decided to ditch their partners for these new bombshells.

However, what starts quickly ends just as quickly. Soon after returning to the main villa Andrew and Tasha worked their differences to become the first official couple of the season. Meanwhile, Dami and Indiyah made their way back to each other just as effortlessly - leaving these two bombshells with little to nothing.

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