Ronan Keating’s son namedrops father to get close to Gemma Owen

Casa Amor is here and from the looks of it, it is going to break many hearts. Do you think couples have what it takes to be together?

One of the new boys to join the show in Casa Amor is Ronan Keating’s son – Jack Keating. The 23-year-old lives in London and works in social media marketing. Gemma and Jack look set to hit off as the newcomers settle in Casa Amor.

Ronan Keating – The old man

The spoiler comes after Gemma and Jack were seen enjoying a conversation about famous families and getting close to each other. The Sun reports that the two were sitting next to the pool when Jack told Gemma that his mother and sister are showjumpers. And when Gemma asked what his father did, he replied:

He’s a singer.

Curious Gemma asked if his father was a famous singer to which he said:

Yeah, he is, you know Ronan Keating? That’s the old man.

Gemma seemed intrigued with Jack’s famous family and background and went on to ask him if he was family-oriented. Jack seized the opportunity and told her:

I’m very family orientated. It would be something I’d definitely look for in a girl. I’ve got a big crazy family back home.

Gemma seemed pretty impressed with Jack and how important family is for him. Looks like Jack could potentially turn Gemma’s head.

Will Lemma split after Casa Amor?

It is not only Gemma who could get her head turned, Luca seems to be going in the same direction. He was recently pulled over by make-up artist Mollie Salmon for a chat and the two seemed to hit it off well. After starting the conversation, they both realised they have a lot in common. As Mollie said:

Guess what? My last name’s Salmon.

Luca replies:

No, it’s not!

To which the 23-year-old cheekily replied and said:

I swear to you. Luca Bish, Mollie fish!

The two laughed it off, but the conversation also hinted toward Luca getting his head turned by Mollie fish.

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