Ronan Keating reacts to Jack’s comment on him on Love Island

Jack Keating – Ronan Keating’s son – is one of the six new boys of the Casa Amor who are trying to find love on the show.

Jack and Gemma were seen chatting up recently, where they bonded over their famous families. While telling Gemma about his father, Jack said something that left Ronan Keating in shock.

Retired, who?

The Sun reveals Ronan was grilled during BBC The One Show about his son being on Love Island. The way Gemma and Jack had been getting close was a point of conversation during the show. It was at this point that he revealed his shock at Jack's comment. Apparently, Jack has commented that his dad had ‘retired.’ As such, talking with the hosts of the show Alex Jones and Jermaine Jenas, the singer said:

He did drop the line that I was retired, that I was shocked about! I nearly fell off my chair! What?!

Amused by his son’s comment, he also added:

I'm doing the one show next week, I'm in York tonight! No, I'm definitely not retired!

Looks like the star kid still needs to know a lot more about his father’s profession.

Gemma is clueless

While on one hand, Jack name-dropped his father to get close to Gemma, fans were quick to notice that Gemma didn’t know who Ronan Keating was. When Jack told her, his father is Ronan Keating the singer – Gemma went:

Er, oh, ok!

This convinced Love Island viewers that Gemma probably didn’t have any idea regarding who Ronan Keating is. Fans took to Twitter and wrote:

Gemma clearly has no clue who Ronan Keating is lol whilst I was sing my heart out at his concert on Thursday #LoveIsland.
Gem has absolutely no idea who Ronan is! Hahha!
Gemma is probably too young to know who Ronan Keating or Boyzone are tbh #LoveIsland.

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