Niall Aslam: This is what the former Islander looks like now

Four years after appearing on the show, this is what Niall Aslam looks like now.

Niall Aslam was a rather controversial cast member of Love Island 2018 after he quit the show only nine days upon entering the villa. It was eventually revealed that the ex-Islander was suffering from hallucinations that were brought on by stress-induced psychosis.

A prominent figure in the autism community

Now, at age 26, Aslam has been able to recover from his condition and is looking better than ever while doing so. Sporting long curly hair and a thicker beard, Aslam has become a prominent figure in the autism community after opening up about living life on the spectrum.

'I often felt ashamed about it'

When he first came to terms with publicising his autism, the hunky social media influencer had said:

Sometimes I find it hard talking about my experiences being autistic online in such a positive light all the time. Being autistic has been a struggle my whole life Leading me to be on antidepressants at 10, school was awful and confusing and there was little help or understanding, getting older I often felt ashamed about it

But also revealed that though things got so bad he needed to be put in psychiatric care, he eventually grew from the experience and embarked on the journey to raise as much autism awareness as possible. He explained:

I’d need only to be ignored and left hospitalised in psychiatric care with psychosis in what could only be described as the worst experience of my life which was subsequently covered up.

And added:

I’ve got past a lot of difficulties and gone on to do a lot of things I’m proud of but like a lot of people with autism I wouldn’t change anything but I get tired of constantly masking and trying to make out everything’s great for other people, also I think I look like a cool lion here thanks #autismawareness.

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