Molly-Mae reveals what she and Tommy Fury fight about

Molly-Mae Hague has revealed what she and boxer beau, Tommy Fury, argue about.

The couple, who got together after meeting on Love Island in 2019, have become arguably the most successful duo the franchise has ever seen. With a combined following of over 10 million followers on Instagram alone, countless brand collaborations and thriving careers, they embody the definition of a power couple. But be that as it may, Molly-Mae has revealed that the couple do fight from time to time...

'Him listening to instructions'

Taking to her YouTube channel, the blonde beauty candidly revealed that she and long-time boyfriend, Tommy Fury, still get in spats here and there. But more importantly, she shared with fans what exactly they fight about. In the video, she explained:

Him listening to instructions. I had no care for the cats so he came home to look after them for me because he was away and I was in Paris, but basically he fed the cats wrong.He gave them a full meal of treats instead of their food and then said it's because I didn't explain it properly. Something like that I get annoyed at so we had an argument about it.

And went on to say:

It's just general relationship bickering. Then five minutes I'll say 'OK maybe I didn't explain it properly' and he'll say 'OK maybe I didn't listen properly.' It's so normal to have arguments in a relationship. I would never come on here and say 'we just don't argue.'

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'Me and Tommy are soulmates'

Despite the occasional disagreements the two may have, the social media power house also told fans that it's normal for couples to bicker from time to time. She also reassured everyone by explaining that she still feels like they are in their honeymoon phase and considers Tommy to be her 'soulmate'. She said:

We're just so comfortable with each other now that if someone has a problem with something, we're going to tell the other person. I'll say 'I don't like it when you do that' and he'll tell me 'you annoy me when you do that'.

Before adding:

Me and Tommy are soulmates. I know that sounds really cringey, but we're just so in love and happy to have each other.
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