Molly-Mae: Everything you need to know about Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae’s romantic getaway

The loved-up couple finally jetted off on a romantic break to Los Angeles on Monday, after spending two months apart due to their hectic work schedules.

The Love Island couple has been setting goals in style. Having been busy with their hectic work schedules and Tommy winning his biggest fight ever, the two are now making up for the lost time as they spend quality time together in Los Angeles and update followers with envy-inducing social media snaps.

As romantic as it gets

While on their vacation, Molly took the responsibility of sharing everything with their fans and followers and updated almost everything that they did on their social media. Starting from a casual tracksuit airport look to fly to LA to the movie viewing at the end of day one. The 22-year-old shared pictures of their luxurious hotel bedroom; a romantic trip to Tommy's favourite place, the Santa Monica pier; and renting a car and thanking Beau for knowing how to drive on the other side of the road. Molly added:

Rented a car…hats off to my boy for having any understanding of the roads here, I’ve been terrified

Along with finishing the day off with ‘the most insane film called Ambulance’ and taking the first day just to unwind and relax by looking at the skyline of the city. Molly-Mae also confessed to having been off-duty during the trip and told her followers:

Day one was no makeup and leggings, I have a feeling it might stay this way the whole trip even though I really did plan to wear cute outfits and get a few pics. Hindsight is great… I forgot how out of office I act on holiday.

The following day, the couple went for breakfast early in the morning and enjoyed pancakes that were a ’10/10’ as per Molly.

Will he pop the question?

While the couple enjoys a much-needed romantic getaway, fans speculate that Tommy will pop the question this time. It was earlier believed that he would do it on their New Year’s vacation, however, when Molly returned without an engagement ring, people were disheartened. As fans wait for their favourite couple to tie the knot, Tommy told The Sun:

Everyone is assuming we’re getting engaged but nobody will ever know when I’m going to as I’m a spur of the moment type of guy, I don’t plan things, if I’m going to do it I will just do it.

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