Molly-Mae admits that sex life with Tommy Fury was once non-existent

Molly-Mae gets candid with the details of her endometriosis diagnosis and how it has affected her sex life with boxer beau Tommy Fury.

Molly-Mae Hague, who is one of the most famous contestants to have come out of Love Island, has opened about sex life with Tommy Fury.

'My sex life just became non-existent'

In her new book, Becoming Molly-Mae, she delves deep into the realities she had to face within her intimate relationship in light of her endometriosis diagnosis. She explains that:

Before I was with Tommy, I wasn't really having sex, so I didn't really think there were any problems other than my period pains.'I was suffering horrendous pain–literally feeling like I'd been stabbed in the stomach–just awful. And it was causing me so many issues.

Before adding:

Big TMI! But my sex life just became non-existent: it was just not part of our relationship.

Nearly died of excruciating pain

Earlier this year, the blonde beauty had shared with fans how things got so dark at times that she thought she would die from the pain. She also explained that boyfriend Tommy couldn't do a single thing about it, despite his best efforts. She said:

I have actually nearly called myself an ambulance on multiple occasions because of the level of pain that I was in. It got so bad, I would be rolling in bed and I would actually be fearful for my life, thinking for my body to be in this much agonising pain, what is it going through?

And added:

I literally used to lie there and think, "Am I going to see tomorrow morning?" I genuinely used to be in that much pain that I was fearful I wouldn’t wake up in the morning. It was so so horrendous. Tommy didn't even used to know what to do with me, he would be looking at me like, "I don't know what to do."

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