Millie Court says she is thrilled to have gained weight post Love Island

After facing months and months of online abuse at the hands of internet trolls about gaining weight post show, Millie Court says she loves her body more than ever.

It will take a lot more than just negatives comments on social media to break the spirit of Millie Court. Amidst the online hate she received after appearing more full-figured after the show wrapped up, the blonde stunner is very pleased with the way she looks.

'I prefer me as a 10'

The latest winner of Love Island took to her social media to reveal to her followers that she's never been more in love with the way her body looks than she is now, two whole dress sizes bigger. Court revealed that when she was on the show, she was a size six but that since last appearing in the villa, she is now a size 10. She explained that her favourite part of gaining weight is that her chest has filled up proportionately:

There was a point where people thought I was pregnant because I was putting on weight. When I was in Love Island I was a size 6 but now I’m a size 10, but I prefer me as a 10 because I’ve got my boobs back.

The face of ASOS

The social media influencer had previously revealed that she was the skinniest she had ever been when she first entered the villa, but that she had worked very hard to get to that physique. Now, the recently-chosen face of ASOS, no longer feels the pressure to have to fit into a certain mold.

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