Michael Owen cannot wear Gemma Owen’s swimwear designs because he’s ‘banned’

Gemma Owen owns a beachwear line called the OG beachwear and reportedly her dad Michael Owen is banned from wearing her designs.

Love Island’s Gemma Owen won't allow her well-known ex-footballer dad Michael Owen to wear any of her swimsuits. OG beachwear was launched by Gemma during the initial Covid-19 lockdown in 2020 and the 19-year-old has ‘banned’ her father from wearing her swimwear designs.

No dad bods

Mirror reports that father Michael Owen gave Gemma Owen the money to start her OG beachwear and yet he’s deprived of the privilege to wear them. Gemma believes that Michael cannot model for her as he has a ‘dad bod.’ The former footballer confirmed on the Walking The Dog podcast:

Well, apparently, I’ve tried to wear some of the shorts and she’s said, ‘No dad bods’

Gemma replied to it:

He’s banned!

And Michael added:

I’m banned – ‘no dad bods in my shorts’. I’m willing to put in a big order, but she’s still saying ‘no’

So, the 42-year-old former Liverpool and England ace cannot model for her daughter’s beachwear even if he wanted to do it. Gemma is currently supporting her own brand in the villa in Majorca.

Like it like the Kardashians

Gemma enjoys jet-setting life outside the villa and has her swimwear line to look after. The Sun confirms that she would like to carry on her business and takes inspiration from the Kardashians. Gemma admitted on the podcast:

I really like the Kardashians; I watch them on telly and I follow them on social media.
I think they are all good, powerful business women, what they have made for themselves is really inspiring, I’m a massive fan. Who wouldn’t like to be a billionaire like Kylie?

She currently has a small collection and flaunts a few bits of it here and there.

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