Mallorca becomes a popularly searched holiday destination for Brits as Love Island airs on screen

Love Island is allegedly influencing travel trends as more and more Brits have been searching for holidays in Mallorca since the show started.

TV has always influenced people in one way or the other and this season’s Love Island is doing just the same. As handsome hunks and sexy ladies roam around in swimwear on the show, Brits are being inspired to take a vacation in Mallorca this summer.

Beach baby

According to The Mirror, since the show started there has been an increase in the search for a holiday in Mallorca. The term ‘cheap flights to Mallorca’ saw an increase of 600% whereas ‘cheap holidays to Mallorca’ surged to 422%, making it evident that the Spanish island is becoming a popular choice of travel. The destination has left behind Ibiza, Menorca and Canary Islands for trips in June, July, and August on Skyscanner searches.

The reality show's trademark background is the Balearic Islands' rolling hills and spectacular shoreline, which is closely associated with hot romance. Needless to say, the setting makes viewers imagine a romantic holiday with their partners. Specialist travel businesses have also noticed a surge in interest, with On the Beach reporting a 110% week-over-week rise in searches for Mallorca vacations from potential vacationers.

Mallorca as a travel destination

And as Brits search for Mallorca for their next trip, the first thing that springs to mind is if it’s called Mallorca or Majorca. The correct answer – both! Although it’s originally known as Mallorca, Majorca is also a widely acceptable British version of it, according to the Spendlifetravelling blog. The beautiful Island has tons of unique luxury accommodation to offer along with the scenic view. The Balearic Islands are one of Europe's most popular tourist attractions, with Mallorca, Spain's third-largest island, attracting over 4 million visitors each year.

The island's magnificent beaches and coves, lapped by turquoise waters, are one of the main reasons to visit. There are secluded beaches where you may relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of the sea, as well as more popular beaches - especially during the busy season, with a lively atmosphere.

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