Love Island's Shaughna Phillips breaks down in tears as she reveals new chapter in her life

Shaughna Phillips shared her joy and excitement with people as her mortgage gets approved and she’s finally able to buy a house of her own.

Recalling back to the days when she was about to be homeless and how she wasn’t even able to rent a place, Shaughna Phillips expressed her gratitude to her supporters. The beauty who found fame on Love Island season six has undergone a huge change in her life after the show.

Owning a house!

The 28-year-old former reality TV star confirmed on Tuesday (April 26) that her mortgage for a house has been approved. Admitting she couldn’t even think to rent her own place before Love Island, she took to Twitter and wrote:

My mortgage has been approved. I could cry, before Love Island I couldn't even afford to rent on my own, now I'm here, with a mortgage, on my own, before I'm 30.
I am so f**king grateful I can't even put it into words. Okay, I'm crying bye x.

Two weeks ago, the former democratic services officer from London shared with her followers that she bid on a house which has been accepted. Last year, Shaughna was on the verge of being homeless while her late father was dying from cancer. Remembering such challenging times and thanking everyone who has supported her journey she added:

Honestly though, I would not be where I am today without every single person who has supported me, this is basically all of our house
I don't ever forget how fortunate I am, and how lucky I've been. I will never ever take it for granted. Just thank you really.

All’s well

The new house news comes weeks after Shaughna confessed her romance with a mystery man who wants to stay out of the public eye. Earlier this month, she confirmed that she has been dating someone who is not as fame crazy as the rest of her dates. She told So This Is Adulting podcast:

I've been dating someone who is also a surrogate dad to my fur babies.
I used to say [to my dates], 'I'd like to keep my relationship private if that's ok with you? And if they said, "oh no, why would you keep me private?" I'm like, red flag. But this guy was like, "I don't ever want to be in the public eye anyway," and I was like, I like that answer.
Ever since then, we've been going from strength to strength, and I like that because anyone who opts in for everyone to know their every move, like myself, is weird.

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