Love Island's Luca Bish opened up about his favourite sex position, here's what it is

Love Island’s fishmonger surprised no one when he took inspiration from the ocean while talking about his favourite sex position.

As the show started Islanders wasted no time getting to their favourite topic. In fact, in the very first episode of the season, Luca Bish and Paige Thorne talked about their favourite methods to get down and dirty. And when asked about his bedroom activities, the Brighton-born heartthrob Luca quickly offered the oyster position as his favourite pick.

What is the Viennese oyster?

According to MetroNews, what Luca could be talking about is a position known as the Viennese oyster. It is a sex position that matches Luca’s description of one partner having their ‘legs up in the air.’ The Viennese oyster is quite unusual and requires a lot of flexibility. In this sex position, the person receiving lies down on their back with their legs spread out, while their partner grips their ankles and pulls the receiver's legs back towards their head.

Once the receiver is settled in the position, the person doing the penetration gets to thrusting either by remaining on their knees or standing (whatever seems more comfortable). The position not only allows deep penetration but also has intense passion as the person penetrating has a clear view of everything. Making eye contact in this sex position or stimulating the clitoris will only add to the pleasure in bed. Good take, Luca – the fishmonger seems to know a thing or two!

Made-up position

Luca’s favourite sex position isn’t something that everyone can do or has even tried. So, it was natural that when he mentioned it on the show, fans thought he was making up the position. The Sun reports that even former Islander Amber Gill was not convinced and tweeted:

Luca trying to be quirky. 'Oyster' sir u just made that up on the spot! #loveisland.

What also added more to the confusion was Paige saying her favourite position was a ‘broken eagle,’ which the viewers didn’t think was real either. A fan wrote on Twitter:

The broken eagle? The oyster? Wtf is everyone doing in the bedroom these days?! 🤣🙈

A second added:

Broken eagle and oyster. These people are making stuff up no ffs. I had to Google the first one and even she got her own description wrong. #loveisland also don’t @ me I’m a sellout and I’m watching it.

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