Love Island's Hannah Elizabeth and Katie Price tease fans with new raunchy collaboration

Playboy bunny and former islander, Hannah Elizabeth, is turning up the heat with her newest OnlyFans collaboration with none other than Katie Price.

Fans went wild after the two posted teaser pictures showing the pair dressed in sexy lingerie and frolicking all over each other.

'Cheap, classless and vulgar'

Katie Price, the mother-of-five, who is known for generating a lot of bad press, quickly received negative comments from social media users who believe she should be setting a better example to her children. One user said:

Your son is celebrating his success in his career and your [sic] doing this. He must be mortified. Give the game up love.

While another went as far as to say:

Jesus wept. We knew you were cheap, classless and vulgar, but this confirms it.

And a third quipped:

Omg your little daughter pic is right next to this post and you are at your sisters wedding! And you have the time and need to post this!

Her body, her choice

However, not everyone was quick to judge as some other users came to Price's rescue. They explained that the way she chooses to make her money and provide for her children should not be called into question. One other social media user defended her by saying:

Each to their own - if she wants to do this what has it got to do with anyone else. I'm not saying I approve or it's something I would do, but it's 2022, people can have a career in anything these days and she started off in the magazines modelling like this in late 90's early 2000's so what's the harm in what she's doing now.

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Katie Price and former Love Island star Hannah Elizabeth team up for OnlyFans X-rated content Katie Price and former Love Island star Hannah Elizabeth team up for OnlyFans X-rated content