Love Island: These are the most controversial moments in the history of the show so far

Season eight is about to be on our screen in just a few weeks. Before that happens, let’s take a look at all the controversial moments of the show so far.

Love Island is full of romance and fun, but it also brings with it drama that is not always the good kind that the audience lives for. Here are some of the most controversial moments from the history of the show that were criticised by thousands of people.

Fake romance

In the 2018 season of Love Island, Laura Anderson and Paul Knops ended up being the runners up but many fans felt it wasn’t fair. As such, a series of complaints were made to Ofcom regarding their fake romance and undeserving position on the show. It doesn’t help the cause that they split soon after exiting the villa.

Casa not so Amor

The Casa Amor challenge is both a highlight of the show and a catastrophe. The challenge is put to see the strength of the relationships in the villa and more often than not, it has gone wrong for many couples. Even the viewers cannot hold back as they see loved-up couples getting torn apart by unnecessary temptations.

Toxic romance

Bad romance is as unpleasant as fake romance, if not more. Relationships like that of Joe Garratt and Lucie Donlan from Love Island 2019 fall in this category. His controlling behaviour and possessiveness toward Lucie provoked not just fans but a women’s rights charity to object against such toxic behaviour.

Sex shaming

Probably the most controversial thing ever on TV screens and not just Love Island is sex. The show is made to find love and couples share a bed together while living in the villa and it’s natural for temptations to rise and things to happen.

However, when Zara Holland got intimate on the show with Alex Bowen, she was unfairly punished for having sex on national television and her beauty contest title, Miss Britain, was stripped from her. As such, less intimate action is shown on air now to avoid such things in future.

Abuse is abuse

Last year’s season sparked the highest number of Ofcom complaints ever as fans saw Faye Winter lashing out at Teddy Soares. After she saw a picture of Teddy kissing another woman, she launched into a rage-filled, expletive-ridden diatribe of abuse. She was heavily criticised for her unacceptable behaviour and some even petitioned to remove her from the show.

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