Love Island: Luca Bish opens up about past romance with this celebrity

Newbee Luca Bish is one of the sexy singletons of the show this season and in a recent press meet, he dished about his romance with Strictly Come Dancing star Saffron Barker.

Reportedly, Luca Bish and Strictly Come Dancing star Saffron Barker dated for a few months. The YouTube star, who appeared on the BBC dance show in 2019, is said to have dated the villa newcomer in the past, according to

Small affair

Despite working in the fish trade, Luca has had encounters with living in public eyes through his love life and family. One such instance is him dating 21-year-old YouTuber Saffron. The couple dated for a few months and were even photographed snuggled up in bed. Speaking to the press he confirmed:

We went to the same school in Brighton, and we saw each other once and then there was, I can’t even remember... but we did something as a group and she was there and we both ended up there at the time.
Saffron was just coming out of a relationship and then that was it, we hit the ground running a bit. We’re still really good mates!

The two had to part ways because of Saffron’s busy lifestyle and so it wasn’t a bad breakup. Luca shared:

She’s got a very busy lifestyle, and I work in the fish trade which is a night game, so it was just very hard to work out at the time.

He added that he didn’t take any advice on reality TV ahead of going on the show, while Saffron did comment on his post wishing him luck for the journey ahead.

Media accustomed

Apart from Saffron, Luca also dated influencer Sophie Lloyd who has about 300,000 followers and his mother is connected to people like former EastEnders actor Patsy Palmer. As such he is quite familiarised with being in the public eye. Recalling an incident with Saffron, he said:

We were in Pizza Express, me and Saffron, and we had kids running up to the window taking pictures of me stuffing my face with dough balls.
I’ve always been really private, even with Saffron, even with my ex - who had like 300,000 followers - I’ve always kept mine really private.
So followers and stuff, they really don’t mean a thing to me. If I was knocked out in a day and end up back doing fish, I was happy then and I’ll be happy again I’m sure.

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