Love Island: Laura Whitmore needs to be replaced by this Islander, according to fans

Laura Whitmore has been slammed time and again for hosting during this season of Love Island. And after a recent stint, fans really don’t want to see her next season.

Laura Whitmore hasn’t exactly been a fan favourite for hosting Love Island and it has been well-known. The Irish presenter seems to be particularly bitter towards the Turkish delight - Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu – this season. As such, fans want Ekin-Su to replace Laura Whitmore for next year’s season.

Sl*t shaming for what?

The Sun confirms that Love Island fans have called Laura Whitmore for ‘sl*t shaming’ Ekin-Su on TV. This comes after Laura made comments about Ekin-Su’s behaviour during Casa Amor and the much-talked-about bed scene with bombshell George Tasker.

Ekin-Su has repeatedly denied that anything happened between the two, however, Laura has repeatedly questioned their dynamic. Laura started an episode of Aftersun by saying how Davide doesn’t believe Ekin-Su and instead of shutting down the conversation, she encouraged the Aftersun panel to speak on the topic. This tempted Ekin-Su’s friends and family to write on her Instagram story:

The fact that the sl*t shaming is being passed off as banter and good television is very concerning at this rate.

Furious fans

All these remarks about Ekin-Su have also left fans furious, who now believe that Ekin-Su should be replacing Laura Whitmore. Expressing their feelings on Twitter, some of them wrote:

Saying this with all disrespect to Laura, Ekin-Su needs to replace her.
I’m sorry but can we pls give Ekin-Su, Laura’s presenting job after she’s out of the villa

While another one added:

Laura Whitmore encouraging the aftersun panel to speak about the Ekin and George situation yet we say one negative word about her presenting and it’s all be kind? End this show now.
Actually feel ill looking at the s*** shaming about Ekin Su and Laura Whitmore only encouraging it yet if someone says BOO to her, she cries be kind. I'm probably going to switch off.

Meanwhile, some viewers just felt that Laura was doing what was needed and covering the bots that were an essential part of the show. Either way, Love Island fans are eager to have Laura Whitmore replaced next season.

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